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The Team

When Erika founded Erika Kim Counselling, her dream was to walk this healing journey with as many people as she could. Within the first year of opening the practice, Erika was not expecting to have a waiting list! But that is exactly what happened! With limited time and positive growth, the practice has since expanded to meet the exponentially growing need. It was pivotal to have a therapist that reflects the practice and aligns with the vision, please scroll down to read more.

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Founder | Integrative Psychotherapist

Erika started her private practice right in the heart of central London in a small UCL Psychology faculty office...

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

"I enjoy different things in different seasons! But I consistently love spending time with my family and friends and diving into deep conversations with them. I also enjoy photography, exploring interior design and dabbling in calligraphy."


Read here to learn more about me. 


Integrative Psychotherapist

Jessica offers a space where you are listened to without judgment. She believes the therapeutic relationship is crucial in creating a safe space where you can share. She adapts different methods according to your needs. 

Alongside working privately, she has worked within and is now training further within the NHS as a Person-Centred Existential Counsellor with short term therapy clients. She has worked with clients struggling with various topics such as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, chronic conditions, family and relationship issues, childhood/adolescent trauma, internalised anger, and more. She has a special interest in anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, and family/social relationships. Though life will bring its battles, she holds to the belief that no one should go through it alone.


Together, we can explore how to advance positively towards your goals.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?


"I enjoy spending time with friends or listening to music (and sing along) to unwind and rest. Exercising is also an important part of my self-care routine."

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