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Invest in Mental Health & Wellbeing


Do you want to invest in the wellbeing of your workplace? Would you like to book Erika for your next event? In addition to her private practice, Erika is a public speaker and offers workshops and speaking engagements to companies, trusts, churches, private groups, and more! Currently taking bookings for 2024 & 2025. 

Stress in The Workplace

One of the workshops offered is about Stress in the Workplace. How many times have you called in sick to name a physical illness rather than a mental health reason? Stress in the workplace is not new and it's time we start tackling this part of our wellbeing! For more info, please fill in the contact form.


To see communities transformed by engaging with mental health matters and raising awareness of its impact on our present and future.

Coming Soon...

Motherhood Workshop
Motherhood comes with plenty of its challenges Do you often find yourself wishing you learned some things about motherhood before you became a mother? Do you find yourself experiencing rage, feeling lost, constantly feeling mum guilt, or just wanting to explore a topic in parenthood further? Would you like to meet other mums struggling with this and explore the process together? Click below to fill in the contact form and we will be in touch for our next workshop. Please feel free to share what you would love to hear more about and what factors would help you to come out to such a workshop. Erika is passionate about walking with fellow mums and can't wait to hear from you.

Playful Mother and Daughter
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